The legend of the Swedish hardcore/punk scene CRUDE S.S. at OEF 2017!!!

You may know the name of this band or you can find their name as one of the most used references of the Swedish hardcore scene in case you want to describe new and unknown bands. The authors of the band infos (us being no exception) help themselves by the usage of a dry comparison as …it sounds like the old good … attention now ….CRUDE S.S.!

Yes, exactly like that. This Swedish punk/crust legend will perform live at the approaching volume of Obscene Extreme Festival 2017! Formed 1979, the last concert before their reunion being in 1987.

The restart took place in an almost original line-up in 2015. If anybody do not know their iconic single/recording „Who´ll Survive“, those should put it right quickly! The founding stone of filthy hardcore / punk alongside of such bands like Discharge, Anti-Cimex or Mob 47! Crude S.S.!!!