Be ready!!! Yes, be ready - The D-day, the H-hour and the S-second are almost here!!!

Be ready!!! Yes, be ready - The D-day, the H-hour and the S-second are almost here!!!

Tickets on site??? OEF has no limit, festival place can take in 20.000 fans so don’t worry about your place on festival if you’ll buy ticket at the gate!!! Ticket at the gate costs 1800 Czech koruna or 68 euro, have that cash/coins ready please, ticket including festival CD,  56 page OEF info fanzine and small pocket size running order. We will also sell tickets for Saturday only, for  1000 Czech koruna or for 38 euro.

Thanx for understanding and support!!! 1 big campsite near to festival place!!! 

What to take with you?

It is clear you are going to spend 3-4 days at the fest so be ready for everything. We advise you better to be ready with a kit-bag for both the sunny and the rainy variant plus you can take ID card, health insurance card (especially stage divers!!! This is really important, if you have this card you don't pay any money in Czech hospitals!!! Also travel insurance is good thing!),  hygienic stuff, rain coat (perfect idea!!! bring rain coat for sure!!! we will sell raincoats in Grind market as well!), WC paper, sun glasses, sun lotion, tent, sleeping bag. Leave all expensive belongings as expensive cameras, video-cameras, jewellery etc. in home!!! 

And of course don´t forget mask, you´re going to OBSCENE EXTREME!!! For GPS lovers :

Main festival gate :
Festival area Na Bojisti
Kralovedvorska ulice 90 (street)
541 01 Trutnov
Czech republic
GPS: Loc: 50°33'10.546"N, 15°54'20.602"E 

Entryway for bandsfood-supply, grind market is situated just 50 meters from main gate. GPS: Loc: +50° 33' 7.20", +15° 54' 22.77" 

Entryway for parking: 
new entrance fro parking and camping is next to backstage gate.GPS location for entryway for parking (parking fee is 300 Czech koruna or 12 euro for all 4 festival days, have coins ready please!!!) : Loc: +50° 33' 7.20", +15° 54' 22.77"