Wednesday 8th July 2015 - NOISECORE NIGHT!!!

If you bet that Obscene Extreme couldn't get more extreme than its usual terrific hailstorm of 66 bands in 4 days, for this 2015 edition you have already lost on day #1!!! 

Yes, this year's introductive night is planned to screw up your auditory system forever and leave your eardrums nuclearized for the remaning days: welcome the NOISECORE NIGHT!!

This is totally dedicated to the old DIY spirit of late 80s / early 90s Noise-freaks tape trading demos with zillion of micro-songs recorded in cesspools with the shittiest possible equipment, the days of TUMOR, VIOLENT NOISE ATTACK, FEAR OF GOD, AxCx, STENCH OF CORPSE, W.B.I., BUKA, NOISE, SORE THROAT, AUNT MARY and all those sickos who grinded grindcore to the most radical anti-musical abominations!! !


Quoting SORE THROAT : "Out of tune guitars with broken strings, unintelligible growls and smashed drum sticks"... that's NOISECORE!! 


The most representative masters of that era and mandatory headliners for such an event are the absolute pioneers of the genre: 7 MINUTES OF NAUSEA! Formed in Australia as a duo in 1985, these Noise precursors are celebrating their 30 year anniversary at OEF with a special set!! Here's what founding member Mick told us about it: "As far as l can remember 7MON started more or less in June 1985, that means at OEF we will be 30 years and 8 days old! We played punk music until original member Scut tried reading Sartre in the dark, then it all went a bit extreme. Just wanted to say as much as possible in the shortest time, before we got bored or we had nothing more to say... The 'process' is the same today, it's the way I think and how the nausea is apparent in every day life. Anyway after June 1985 we had a few releases and concerts before l went off to Europe and ended up in London for 11 years or so and now l've more or less come to rest in Koblenz, Germany. Apart from Scut, the original drummer, steady 7MON cohorts have been and are Matthias with a bass..and Sindy on drums". 

And if 7MON have kicked off what is probably the world's most extreme form of sonic devastation with countless 7"s and tapes featuring tons of ultra-short noise bursts, which band have kept this flame burning pushing it ever further? No one else but Canada's DECHE-CHARGE, that we are proud to announce as the second guests to our NOISECORE NIGHT! While far too many bands falsely claim allegiance to "anti-music", Quebec City, Canada's D-C have remained true to their essence over the last two and a half decades, consistantly obliterating any semblance of what could be considered listenable; alienating even the most hardened extreme musick enthousiasts. Obscene Extreme will be no exception as these "deche-cores" will hit the stage for what promises to be the most unrehearsed and ridiculous performance ever seen on an OEF stage!!!

And to get this deafening party starting, we are stoked to introduce you a newer band too, equally responsible of annihilating brain cells with the most horrendous Noisecore inspired by the afore-mentioned generation of lunatics... Hailing from Slovakia, SEDEM MINUT STRACHU! These self-declared "onion terrorist commando" founded in 2012 describe themselves as follows: "from the very beginning complete agenda of our band was clear and definite - to rip off and recycle noises of two of the best bands ever: Seven Minutes Of Nausea and Fear Of God. But honestly, we hadn't that much to talk about since only the drummer was able to really play. And nothing has changed yet!" Got it???


So leave your earplugs at home, get ready to hate silence as much as possible and.. be there to SPEND LOUD NIGHT!!!  


Thanks to Giulio The Bastard (CRIPPLE BASTARDS) for contributing on this introductive piece.