Solidariedade Vegan (Vegan Solidarity) is a project of Vivi Torrico and our friend João Gorda from the legendary Brazilian band Ratos de Porão thanks to which they help the homeless in this difficult situation. 

They distribute vegan food for free to people in need in Brazil.  They try to help as many people as possible and we can support them by donating money or supplies. Many Nations, One underground! 

Check out the video and if you can, support this great project! 

You can donate money through a Paypal account: If you want to offer any other help, contact Solidariedade Vegan via Facebook or Instagram. Thank you!!!


The Solidariedade Vegan (Vegan Solidarity) project was born from the vibrant feeling that, amidst the chaos of the current state of things, we should turn our attention in a fraternal and welcoming way to those in vulnerable situations.

We started this project distributing meals in the Bixiga neighborhood in São Paulo, but soon we realized that we were leaving behind gazes that look desperately for a thread of hope. Gathering forces, today we set to expand this help over the streets, shelters, squats, villages, nursing homes and wherever we're needed and our hands are able to reach.

Our goal is to serve at least 250 daily meals in April and May, which would mean at least 3.000 people reached and fed every month.

The total cost of packagings, ingredients, gas, butane, etc. of each meal is around $3 (three) US dollars. That being said, the daily production cost is around $300usd. Any value donated is welcomed on the Catarse crowdfunding platform or at the PayPal account number VIVI.TORRICO@UOL.COM.BR or Picpay: @vivi.torrico With our monthly goal reached, this number may increase much more! We are also taking donations of meal packaging, ingredients as well as any action that comes from the heart, be it helping promote the project or sending us good energy!

We believe that by distributing vegan meals we not only serve healthy and good quality nourishment, but we may also plant the seed of respect and harmony between all living beings on the planet.
If you also hear this calling and want to help do something for the ones in most need, what about replicating this in your neighborhood or city? Step by step, we can safely expand this network of love and support, after all, love is an endless source.

INSTAGRAM: @solidariedadevegan | @vivi.torrico | @jgordo 
FACEBOOK: Solidariedade Vegan