Hurray!!!! Almost the complete OEF 2020's line-up confirmed for next year!!!

Finally we also have great news for you!!! With a lot of helpfulness and understanding, almost all the bands have agreed moving their show to 2021!!!

The only band which we are still solving major problems with as for next year are American MALEVOLENT CREATION who change their agents quite often and we are trying to contact them right now… Of course, we'll keep you informed how the situation evolves... Further American infernals, INCANTATION, also do not know yet exactly whether they will come to OEF 2021, but, honestly, it looks much better as for them...

We are still waiting for a statement and final confirmation from American BANDIT and France's gore crushers, VOMI NOIR. 90% of all the bands have confirmed which means, for us and for you, that the bands are also looking forward to their OEF performance very much and they want to support our festival!!!

What can you do to help us? Keep your tickets for 2021!!! It's currently the greatest support you can do for our festival!!! Thank you!!!