Will OBSCENE EXTREME survive the year 2020? Only together!!!

We keep receiving loads of emails and messages as for this year's OEF and if we have a plan B. Yes, we have. The plan is that, if the situation with COVID-19 does not settle down, we will have to shift the 2020 edition to July 2021. 

We are in contact with all the bands and the situation in some countries (Spain and Italy) is really dramatic and it will certainly get worse in some countries like the US where many great bands are supposed to arrive from. We take their opinions into account and are not subject to some sort of media frenzy as some of you might think.

We will make the final decision in late April/early May and let you know the details! 

Let's go back to the potential plan B however: Yes, we will survive one year, but probably only with your help. We want to keep organising Obscene. We still want to keep OEF as an independent festival, we want to do it without sponsors and we don't want to sell the space at OEF to commercial companies.

What can you do in the event of plan B?

Retain your 2020 ticket and come to Obscene in 2021 with this ticket... Why should you do that? Obscene Extreme is in the final stage of preparation. We have made payments for the band's flying tickets, advance payments to the bands, VAT payments (15% each ticket!), paid fees to card organizations in the range of additional several percent, paid rent for the venue Battlefield, payments for the OEF promotion (ads in magazines, flyers, posters, stickers, massive advertising around the world), sending promotions across Europe, etc. 

Try to understand us and if you can, help us. A year of work is over, but we strongly believe that we will be able to survive as a family till 2021.

If you still would like to get your money back for your ticket, send us an email with more information: how much you bought the ticket for, where you bought it, etc. We will certainly get back to you. Now, but please, let's wait a few weeks! 

Thanks! Stay vital, positive and mellow so that viruses stay away from you! 

Stay Obscene!

Curby and Obscene Extreme crew