AUTHOR & PUNISHER will not perform at OEF this year!!!

We don't like this kind of news !!! Everybody in the OEF crew was another opportunity to experience this great show which Tristan creates. We will definitely invite A&P to OEF as soon as possible again!!!

A&P Statement:

"It is with great disappointment that I must announce that I will not be able to perform at Obscene Extreme in the Summer of 2020. I split my time between music and science and the lab I work in at University of California, San Diego (which is one of the biggest biological microscopy centers in the country) has a time sensitive project that needs me back ASAP. Retaining my position as an engineer is extremely important not only because I value the science that we research but also because it is
provides a support structure for Author & Punisher's long term existence.   This is a very difficult decision for me given that I have wanted to play at OEF for some time and to have that opportunity was an honour. I will make it up to OEF and the fans next time!  See you soon!"

- Tristan - AUTHOR  & PUNISHER

In any case, there will be a big free space at Wednesday's Festival of Weird Riffs, so please, if you have any ideas (we are slowly running out of them, lots of bands cannot play at this date or play exclusively or they just don't answer at all), let us know!!! Thanks!!!