One of the latest bands to be confirmed for Obscene Extreme 2020 is the well-known masters of the samurai’s katana, JIG-AI, who are planning to eviscerate you!!! There is no need for a long introduction, as JIG-AI are long-standing supporters of OEF and have played at the festival, including the OEF Asia and OEF America, at least six times!!! 

The guys started in 2005 and even though they have ‘only’ four albums under their belt, they have managed to establish themselves among the most sought after grind squads on the planet!!! Their participation in concerts and festivals around the world just proves it!!!

Last year JIG-AI released a great full-length record titled "Entrails Tsunami" and as well as OEF, they have been confirmed for an awesome grindcore event in Japan called Extreme the Dojo!!! Unfortunately, JIG-AI had to change their drummer Kašpy due to his work activities. But fear not, he has been replaced on the drum’s throne by a high-speed machine gun, Jarda Haž, from Prague's Perfecitizen. With him behind the drums, this macabre trio of morticians, JIG-AI, will be dissecting our insides and tearing our heads off at OEF!!! That's for sure!!!