Let's greet another headliner of OEF 2020!!! These are the forefathers who created a mix of thrash metal and hardcore punk spiced with the politically incorrect, New York's METHOD OF DESTRUCTION though you probably know them under their short name, M.O.D.!!! 

The band, led by the charismatic but very inappropriate and impudent frontman, Billy Milano, started playing in 1986, mixing artfully the influences of all their previous bands such as S.O.D., Nuclear Assault, Whiplash or Pro-Pain!!! 

Their golden crossover treasure trove mainly includes earlier records such as U.S.A. for M.O.D or Devolution but also their latest album, Busted, Broke & American is just a great intense ride!!! M.O.D. have just finished their European tour where they gave audiences a genuine ride through the harsh American West with the repertoire of M.O.D., but also a lot of excursions into Billy's past. Now we can enjoy all this at the Battlefield where it can only get all the more intense!!!