Resurrected classics of Swedish 90’s Death Metal: GOD MACABRE!!!

Back in 1991 in the Swedish city Karlstadt a young band, Macabre End, disbanded in order to renew themselves under a new guise, GOD MACABRE. 

They were one of the first death metal bands and played very intense, dark songs that made their debut album “The Winterlong…” an outstanding classic. However, it took two years for the album to be released, and when it did so in 1993, the band split up.

One of the founding members, Jonas Stalhammar, left to join Utumno and later At The Gates, which keeps him quite busy these days. We are excited that the band reunited to come to the OEF 2020 and perform classic tracks from their album. Moreover, Tobias Gustafsson from Vomitory, is going to be behind the drum kit, which gives their live performance a total blast. If you managed to see Vomitory’s mesmerizing performance at OEF 2019, you know what we mean. Come see them rise again, out of darkness and obscurity: GOD MACABRE!!!