Old school classic Swedish death metal crushing the OEF! LIK!!!

If you love that classic buzz-saw Swedish guitar sound, you already know this band quite well. With just two full-length albums out called „Mass Funeral Evocation“ and „Carnage“, this four-piece gang took the scene by storm bringing memories of 1990’s when Dismember and Entombed just about introduced Swedish DM to the world. 

The band LIK, which means „corpse“ in Swedish, has active members from Bloodbath, Katatonia or ex members of Grave, Repugnant or many others.

Great, intensive and blasting songs full of fresh Swedish DM have become the peak of what today’s Swedish Death Metal scene can offer. No wonder Matti Karki of Dismember joined them for recording of their recent track Revel in Gore for the „Sthlm Death Metal“ EP. Only Death is Left Alive – LIK!!!