VOMIT REMNANTS from the land of exotic geishas, cherry blossoms, kimonos and katanas!!!

VOMIT REMNANTS, the first ever Japanese band to perform at OEF, are hurtling back after an unbelievable 20 years! 

Although they have only 2 full-length albums under their belt, you better believe that they can unleash truly brutal, groovy hell! Japanese brutal death metal tornado, VOMIT REMNANTS, have been through line-up changes, total disintegration and subsequent reincarnation several times since its inception in 1997.

Keisuke, the boss behind the drums, is certainly one of the most likeable creatures in the extreme scene and will once again return with his Vomitors to Obscene's red mud! Some of you lucky bastards may have already seen their set in Trutnov in 2000!!! We are looking forward to their return and their wild samurai set!!!