Sick Peruvian old school grind by SxFxCx!!!

What would the Obscene Extreme Festival be without such bands? No really! Okay, so we're all looking forward to the headliner, nervously biting our nails while we wait to hear who it’s going to be. Napalm Death or something else?

But in all seriousness, without bands like Peruvian SxFxCx, aka Smelling Fetid Corpse, the Obscene Extreme Festival wouldn't be such an interesting place for unknown and brutal underground bands from around the world, and especially for visitors and listeners of all the extreme styles.

It is exactly squads like SxFxCx that make this festival unique. Where else would you find total old school grind harshness in the vein of Agathocles, Rot or Impetigo played by passionate musicians from the other side of the world than in Trutnov at the Obscene Extreme Festival!!!