Hi Maniacs!!!

"First of all, our 20th anniversary was just absolutely fantastic, unique, phenomenal, brilliant, bombastic, awesome and I could continue like this for a long time. Thank you once again, it means a lot to me. It was a BOMBSHELL!

And as you can see we keep going. As for me, the 21st line-up is nearing my teenager dreams… this volume is just a success!!! It’s not just that I have been trying to book REPULSION for almost 15 years and it has suddenly happened... There’s another bunch of bands I have always wanted to see at OEF, like the American butchers CANNIBAL CORPSE or my beloved CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER. You just cannot believe it... and you would never think this band has to play under a different name but be sure to go check it out. LOWLIFE will load the hits proven by decades... believe me as soon as they had announced a comeback I got a ticket to LA and enjoyed this great show... and I’m very happy now that I have the chance to introduce them to you in Trutnov for the only exclusive performance of this band in Europe this year!!!

But that’s not all. We have succeeded to convince Brazil`s grindcore veterans ROT to play a show. The iconic DROPDEAD or absolutely legendary SIEGE will come to please us enormously and to torment us with their ultra mosh... you know that Barney wears their T-shirts during concerts very often for example and as we know the guy has style!!! 

Anyway, we aren’t just about grind. So, I am pleased the reborn VOMITORY have chosen to play at our festival... or that bands that have not been with us for several years such as MISERY INDEX, NEGATIVE APPROACH, VITAMIN X or SCHIRENC PLAYS PUNGENT STENCH are coming back!!! I would also like to recommend bands from smaller scenes such as Nepal`s death metal veterans UGRAKARMA, Korea`s grind speeders LITTLE PUPPY PRINCESS, grinding BURST from distant New Caledonia (have you ever checked on the map how far it is?), SOBRAS DEL DESCONTENTO from CHILE, Venezuela`s MAR DE RABIA or Serbian thrash riders NADIMAC!!! Check out the smaller bands too. I guarantee you that you will discover gems for yourself!!!

PUNK AS FUCK! No need for big words. Everything is written in an editorial for this special day..., I am especially happy that we did manage to have the style legends such as GBH or OI POLLOI or the Czech punk gods TELEX!!!

Cashless system for the fi rst time at OEF... believe me we did not have another option. The state wants to start the electronic cash evidence for festivals too, so there are not many other options to keep fi ghting..., we try to tweak the whole system as best as we can, but I would like to ask for forgiveness..., be sure to download an app that reads barcodes so that you have an overview of your spending!!!

What makes me happy? Beer revolution!!! Maybe it sounds weird from an old nondrinker, but beer is our festival drink and me, when I see the enthusiasm of all the craft breweries’ brewers it reminds me of myself. It is clear to us that this is the fi rst year and we do not know exactly what awaits us, but we have carefully selected all the beer. We really want to off er the best Czech beers also in the coming years and to change this on larger festivals for good..., of course we are very pleased we can off er to you two OEF specials Indian pale lager Blaster and Summer Ale 11° - “Grinder OEF”!

Have fun, be merry, enjoy a unique OEF week, meet old friends, make new ones and live to the full, this week will never repeat!!!"