JOURNEY/TRAVEL: AIRPORT's info: BRNO airportKATOWICE/CRACOW airportBRATISLAVA airport. From airport you can use public transport which is cheap, see this info for all details: how to get from airport to Prague.

Then you can go by train or bus to TRUTNOV (try and click on flag of your language), from train station you can walk to fest area, but check OEF website from time to time, we are thinking to have shuffle bus going between train/bus station and festival area.

Way to trutnov tips and tricks: Most of you will land on Prague's airport Ruzyne, terminal 2... don't use taxi as it's incredible expensive (over 500 czk!!!) and Prague's taxi drivers are really not fair at all... use public transport, in front of the terminal is station of bus that will drive you to nearest Metro's station (subway), station of the subway is Dejvicka or Zlicin, ticket for 1 hour trip is about 32 czk only and you can buy it inside of terminal or in ticket vender outside of terminal on the bus station...

Subway in Prague is quite easy, just 3 lines (see map here) and you have to choose your destination for your hotel/motel or if you want to continue directly to Trutnov you have to locate station Hlavni Nadrazi on red line C (railway station) for trains or Cerny Most on yellow line B (bus station) for buses...


Check and click on flag of your language...


Then you'll arrive to TRUTNOV bus or train station and it's just like 2/3 km to festival area, you can use taxi, ask for price first! Everybody knows festival area "Na Bojisti" or just take a walk... see city map here and festival area map see below, campy is straight ahead and then left in city's park.



Way to Trutnov by Bus, but keep in mind train connection is easier!!! 


For complete info please check your local searching web page!!! By train/bus - check this site for info about trains/bus connection to TRUTNOV - it's where you can choose from CZECH, ENGLISH and GERMAN languages and find there really very actual and complete info!!!



Attention!!! From 1st july 2006 we have new law about road transport and police is checking everything and everywhere mainly light on all day long, seat belts and running speed (maximal 50 km in city/village, 90 km standart roads and 130 km on highway!!!) and never drink alcohol before you'll drive!!! 


Here you can download an itinerary including a map of route you have to go to Trutnov. Remember, if you are going to use motorway or highway, you have to buy a vignette for 310CZK = €12.40(15 days validity)!!!


You can search for your own way (use for example), address of festival area is:


Festival area Na Bojisti

Královédvorská ul. /street/ 

541 01 Trutnov

Czech republic


In TRUTNOV follow signs HRADEC KRALOVE... or our own OEF signs that will be on all important crossways!!!



Here we go with contact for really fair and affordable taxi.


Do Taxi Go -

Telephone: + 420 777 00 00 10


In Trutnov city for  79,- Kč (approx. 4 euro), Dolce 89,- Kč (approx. 4,5 euro), outside of Trutnov 20,-/km (0,78 euro per km) a 10,-/min. waiting (0,39 euro per minute).

Indicative prices for trips from surrounding (right now 1 euro = approx. 25,50 Czech koruna):

Mladé Buky: 180,- Kč / approx. 7 euro

Svoboda nad Úpou: 240,- Kč / approx. 9.5 euro

Janské Lázně: 280,- Kč / approx. 11 euro

Pec pod Sněžkou: 480,- Kč / approx. 19 euro

Pilníkov: 190,- Kč / approx. 7,50 euro

Vlčice: 170,- Kč / approx. 6,66 euro

Chotevice Kateřina 390,- Kč / approx. 15,50 euro

Bohuslavice: 150,- Kč / approx. 6 euro

Zlatá Olešnice: 160,- Kč / approx. 6,50 euro

Markousovice: 190,- Kč / approx. 7,50 euro

Chvaleč: 240,- Kč / approx. 9,50 euro

Velké Svatoňovice: 260,- Kč / approx. 10,50 euro

Malé Svatoňovice: 310,- Kč / approx. 12,50 euro

Úpice 290,- Kč / approx. 11,50 euro

Žacléř: 320,- Kč / approx. 13 euro

Bernartice: 250,- Kč / approx. 10 euro

Dvůr Králové : 380,- Kč / approx. 15 euro


Because we know, that most of the hotels, pensions and motels in the city of Trutnov are fully booked during OEF time (try anyway, someone can cancel!), we can offer you some other accomodation in nice Krkonose region, in villages and cities close to Trutnov.

Search for accomodation thru those skilful accomodation search engines: