At the end of 2018, there was 44 large breweries and over 450 microbreweries in the Czech Republic. It means there is one brewery for every 20 thousand citizens while neighbouring Germany has a density of only one brewery for every 50 thousand citizens. 

What more – on average, the is one microbrewery being opened in the Czech Republic every week. So, by the time OEF 2019 starts, there will be about 530 operating breweries in Czech. What a paradise for beer lovers!

Since OEF has always been about introducing new bands, original music and captivating performances, we want to bring you this Czech beer paradise to the OEF area. We will keep the existing offer of the top Pilsner Urquell family of beer brands but now enhanced about a selection of top Czech microbrewers.

25 delicious beers from five breweries: Clock, Mordyr (The Murderer), Trautenberk, Cestmir and Pilsner Urquell. Get ready for the Obscene Extreme beer!!!

Expect nothing less than beer revolution at the beer selection for 2019!!!