Mexico, grande tequilla and gore grind!!! URTIKARIA ANAL returning to the Battlefield for the third time and again with a huge appetite to dance away both the living and the undead!!!

These Mexican simpaticos feel at home in Europe. And also at our place at the Battlefield. It started with their disco enthralling the whole audience in 2009, continued again in 2015 and their next dance stop will be at the upcoming volume.

The gentlemen are again going to prepare their pleasant dance music in the vein of all the gore grind classics for us to dance away the whole Trutnov including the shop assistants at the petrol stations and all the forest animals running free under the Snežka mountain.

This is the right party we love best at the OEF and that is the reason we are very much looking forward to their depraved stuff to run through our body cavities!!!