We are preparing a few new features for the Obscene Extreme 2019... This is one of them!!! Thanks to the new payment system long queues to buy the tokens will be omitted. Everything will be simpler, faster and free of charge.

You will get a bracelet with a chip (the chip will be refundable for 25,- CZK) at the entrance to the venue, you will charge it with money and use it instead of the tokens. Your festival bracelet will serve as a ticket to the venue as well as a digital wallet with which you can buy drinks, food and you will also be able to buy the official OEF merch with it.

The chip works in the same way as a credit or debit card and you will pay simply by attaching.

The amount you charge is up to you. You can pay both cash and with a card, the balance will be refunded to you when leaving the festival.

How does the NFCtron work?
1. You can charge any amount with cash or with a payment card at the cash register.
2. After the initial charge you will get a bill with an internet link and a QR code to help you to track all your expenses online.
3. You can charge your credit at the charging points or cash registers in the venue over and over again.
4. You can also check your balance at any selling point simply by attaching the chip.
5. The full amount that will remain on the chip will be refunded upon your departure from the venue at the cash registers.