Yes, the previous volumes of OEF have already brought us great old school speed metal bands. We think speed metal does belong to extreme music, thus we will deliver another great act to you!!! From Belgium, the land of pralines and beer, here there are the performers of electric executions, BÜTCHER!!! 

Formed in 2002 to split in 2007 they have reunited after many years because once you try out playing metal your heart will no longer play anything but a metallic song. However, do not expect some boring and soft speed but a proper thrash in the best tradition of old school bands like Slayer, Hellhammer or Agent Steel!!!

The best proof to be their great album "Bestial Fukkin 'Warmachine" and plenty of intense gigs on the Continent that secured BÜTCHER a contract with the mighty Osmose Production!!! Let's welcome these metal warriors with a powerful moshpit at the Battlefield only us can do! BÜTCHER have already gone nuclear for the OEF 2019!!!