The Czech Republic and the year 1989. The time of big changes and the creation of a thrash metal alcoholic squad that has been named after an "at-that-time-good-they-say" beer, Vratislavický Alkoholický Rachot - V.A.R!!! 

Influenced by the rust-coloured brew the first demos and mainly two furious songs for the Ultrametal sampler are created which gets the band on the Czech metal map securing a contract for the first full-length album titled "Personal Destruction" which is released by Monitor label in 1992.

Following 20 thousand sold copies of this album and due to fading fame of thrash metal in the mid 90's, V.A.R. are sacked by Monitor and they retreat in the metal underground where they are still active!!! The band has gone through ups and downs, surviving the death of one of the founding members but it keeps recording and gigging. We do like to welcome these underground workmen on the OEF's boards where V.A.R. will play their fastest and the most frantic tracks they have ever written!!! It will really be a brutal alcoholic chaos!!! We have something to look forward to!!!