Here we have an innovation for the lovers of good food! Obscene Extreme is a vegetarian festival right from the beginning. That is why we have prepared VEGAN ALLEY for you this year where you will find plenty of great stalls where you can taste excellent vegan gastronomy!!!

Believe us  you have something to be looking forward to. We as the lovers of good food want you to enjoy EXTREME culinary experience!

Food stand BYSTRÝ KRÁLÍČEK has its premiere at the OEF arriving with its famous and proven vegan HOT DOGS. They have a perfectly tuned flavour not only thanks to excellent vege sausages and perfectly baked baguettes but mainly thanks to the home-made sauces which, combined with caramelized onion, will produce a proper tasty EXTREME in your mouth. Come and check yourselves out!

BIS.TRO – This is the place to enjoy a juicy, extensive, decadent wrap and a proper soup. You will also have the chance to taste fresh smoothie with cannabis seeds and weeds!


VEG MÉĎA - Do you love Asian cuisine? This is the right place then!

Daily soup, Indian red lentil dhal, Thai yellow curry with vegetables and coconut milk and of course, sushi! Everything made only from fresh and quality raw ingredients with love and taste :)

You can remember RFB VEGAN FOOD TRUCK from last year. Rapid feeding brigade is a mobile bistro that specializes in vegan fast food. You can be looking forward to Robi burgers, Bigga Kahuna Baguette, salads, soups and desserts from the packing-free shop Černý Bez.

"We have been annoyed by the overpriced trendy vegan bistros or playing over the top emotional games. We have transformed an old Ford Transit into a Food Transit and we drive wherever we are needed! This year once again at the legendary Obscene Extreme! We look forward to welcome you in our bistro!"

MLSNÁ KOČIČKA – Want some breakfast? Come to Mlsná kočička! J Breakfast burrito and the best scrambled tofu eggs will be prepared here for you! In the afternoon you can try beetroot burger, burrito or hotdog.

KAFEKÁRA – Are you feeling like having a cup of coffee?