Hello everyone and welcome again to the Battlefield!!!

What to start with when my beloved Argentina dropped out of the championship at the weekend after an absolutely screwed up championship where the coach is so bad that it hurts incredibly much and someone like me who has for four long years been looking forward to the Word championship to see such players like a gallant football dancer Paulo Dybala (who played incredible 20 minutes in 4 matches!!!)...

...or Sergio Aguero or Gonzalo Gerardo Higuain and who does not actually get to see them to play in the end... Terrible disappointment,  a huge one...

So much talent in Argentina and we can see Sampaoli there running around as a madman who is not able to put together a team to show the heart and the great football Argentina has always played. It’s just the same as driving a Ferrari thirty kilometers per hour without stepping on the throttle...

So sorry I’m starting with football but I am still full of it. Anyway, the 20th volume of the Obscene Extreme festival is here. I have said it in many interviews I did not imagine that in my wildest dreams!!! It’s just something amazing, a nice feeling when I recall all the years, all the fantastic concerts, the whole atmosphere we pamper from the first volume till today!!!

The selection of the bands for this volume was quite simple inviting as many bands as possible that meant and still mean a lot for OEF... The bands that have played legendary concerts here and that love our “holy” red soil… Those who always like to come back here ... I’m not saying that everything has been a success and that everybody is here but a big percentage surely yes!!!

The absolutely craziest story I heard this year is Heather’s story (the wife of Danny Lilker who sweats blood for the OEF and totally loves our festival). She told me that when they flew to Brazil to play with the STORMTROOPERS OF BEER project (you had the opportunity to see it last year at Battlefield, it’s a super all star project that plays S.O.D.’s brilliant album “Speak English Or Die”) where Gordo of RATOS DE PORÃO, our long-time friend and a big character of the Brazilian underground scene (and not only for his mighty fi gure), acts as a singer, they were chatting about the OEF of course as well during the gig because both of them love it very much and Gordo told her: “I love it so much over there I said to my wife that when I die I want my ashes to be spread at the Battlefi eld!!!” It gave me totally the creeps... I hope Gordo will be around for many, many years and we will be enjoying his enthusiasm and friendship. But you can clearly feel from that story what this festival - Obscene Extreme means for many people!!!

Once again I would like to thank all those who persistently, loyally and constantly keep supporting us and have openly been expressing their affection over the years!!! Thank you!!! We appreciate that much and will keep trying our best to do for you the best festival in the world!!!

With humility and respect,

Čurby / Obscene 3.7.2018