Be ready!!! Yes, be ready - The D-day, the H-hour and the S-second are almost here!!! TICKETS ON SITE??? NO PROBLEM!!!

Get ready – It will start soon!!! Presale finished but OEF has no limit, festival place can take in 20.000 fans so don’t worry about your place on festival if you’ll buy ticket at the gate!!! We still have free places for your tents and parking.

Ticket is available as festival permanent pass for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday for 2000,- Czech koruna (or 80 euro), please have ready those money, thanx for cooperation!!! You can buy one-day Saturday ticket for 51 €.

We don't sell daily tickets for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Ticket including Obscene Extreme 2018 festival CD, OEF fanzine and small printed running order!!! You´ll get the CD at entrance to festival area!!! 

Thanx for your support!!!

Wednesday 12.00 – 02.00, Thursday 10.00 - 04.00, Friday 10.00 - 03.00, Saturday 10.00 - 03.00
Festival area Na Bojisti
Kralovedvorska ulice 90 (street)
541 01 Trutnov
Czech republic

The festival venue is located on the road leading towards Hradec Králové!!! Coming from Hradec Králové to Trutnov the venue is on the right side. All other directions have to follow the signs for Hradec Králové and you will come to the Battlefield from the other side.

For GPS lovers:

Main festival gate:
Festival area Na Bojisti
Kralovedvorska ulice 90 (street)
541 01 Trutnov
Czech republic

GPS: Loc: 50°33'10.546"N, 15°54'20.602"E   

New entrance fro parking and camping is next to backstage gate. GPS location for entryway for parking (parking fee is 300 Czech koruna or 12 euro for all 4 festival days for car and 400 Czech koruna or 16 euro for van), have coins ready please!!!:

Loc: +50° 33' 7.20", +15° 54' 22.77"

Most of you will land on Prague's airport Ruzyne, terminal 2...don't use taxi as it's incredible expensive (500 czk!!!) and Prague's taxi drivers are really not fair at all...use public transport, in front of the terminal is station of bus that will drive you to nearest Metro's station (subway), station of the subway is Dejvicka or Zlicin, ticket for 1 hour trip is about 32 czk only and you can buy it inside of terminal or in ticket vender outside of terminal on the bus station...

Subway in Prague is quite easy, just 3 lines ( and you have to choose your destination for your hotel/motel or if you want to continue directly to Trutnov you have to locate station Hlavni Nadrazi on red line C (railway station) for trains or Cerny Most on yellow line B (bus station) for buses...

Check and click on flag of your language...

Then you'll arrive to TRUTNOV bus or train station and it's just like 2/3 km to festival area, you can use taxi, ask for price first! Everybody knows festival area "Na Bojisti" or just take a walk... and festival area map see below, campy is straight ahead and then left in city's park. BUS: Way to Trutnov by Bus, but keep in mind train connection is easier!!!

For complete info please check your local searching web page!!! by train/bus - check this site for info about trains/bus connection to TRUTNOV - it's where you can choose from CZECH, ENGLISH and GERMAN languages and find there really very actual and complete info!!!


From 1st july 2006 we have new law about road transport and police is checking everything and everywhere mainly light on all day long, seat belts and running speed (maximal 50 km in city/village, 90 km standart roads and 130 km on highway!!!) and never drink alcohol before you'll drive!!! Remember, if you are going to use motorway or highway, you have to buy a vignette!!!

The festival parking lot is situated as near as possible to the fest venue of “Battlefield”. It is directly connected to the fest venue. The venue and the center of the event, the stage, is near to your car or tent!!! The parking fee is 300,- CZK a car (400,- CZK van) for the whole duration of the festival…. You may ask yourselves why to pay for a parking lot. The reason is the hire of another venue next to the fest venue costs additional (considerable) money. We also pay OEF crew who help with parking organisation and we will be glad if you help us financially. Both the parking lot and the camp will be opened on Tuesday 17th at 13:00 to Sunday 22th until 12:00!!! It is not possible to leave and arrive to the parking lot repeatedly. You come, pay the parking fee, OEF crew help you to find a free place, stop, apply the handbrake and leave only after the fest is over on Sunday.

Parking close to your tent, no on road and also no parking at front of the gate to houses of Trutnov's natives. Please, be fine and take care of good name of OBSCENE EXTREME and your own good name too!!!

1 big campsite near to festival place!!!


Lost-property office, camera & mobile charging (for free). 
18.7.2018 10.00 – 22.7.2018 10.00  

Here we go with contact for really fair and affordable taxi. 

Do Taxi Go -

Telephone 777 00 00 10

In Trutnov city for  79,- Kč (approx. 3 euro), outside of Trutnov 20,-/km (0,78 euro per km) a 10,-/min. waiting (0,39 euro per minute).

Of course we impatiently follow all the weather forecasts available. The weather looks good so far (we will come to you directly from the Battlefield, so follow our social networks) but do not underestimate it. The nights can be cold in Trutnov as all of us sure know!!!

Of course you can make all payments in our national currency Czech koruna. If we can advise, do not exchange bigger amounts in Prague at the airport or in banks. It is just the worst deal you can do. Better to use private exchange offices in the town centers or you can simply pay directly in euro currency at OEF…. Thanks for understanding.       

Obscene Extreme has gained a great reputation for being a freak friendly festival. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE for any violence and trust you will continue respecting that fact and keep an eye on each other. Peace! Trutnov is our home and we would like to keep staying here!!! Obscene Extreme festival has a very good reputation in Trutnov. Let us try to keep this reputation!!! 

It is clear you are going to spend 3-4 days at the fest so be ready for everything. We advise you better to be ready with a kit-bag for both the sunny and the rainy variant plus you can take ID card, health insurance card (especially stage divers!!! This is really important, if you have this card you don't pay any money in Czech hospitals!!! Also travel insurance is good thing!),  hygienic stuff, rain coat (perfect idea!!! bring rain coat for sure!!! we will sell raincoats in Grind market as well!), WC paper, sun glasses, sun lotion, tent, sleeping bag. Leave all expensive belongings as expensive cameras, video-cameras, jewellery etc. in home!!! 

And of course don´t forget mask, you´re going to OBSCENE EXTREME!!! 

Have a safe trip and see you soon!!!