Title defence! The team of Mighty Sounds wins the Fest Cup!!!

The football tournament of the Czech festivals FEST CUP 2018 is over. And the winner is the same as last year - Mighty Sounds.

The guys from this festival defeated Obscene Extreme 5: 1 in the final duel. Čurby's team in the blue-and-white dresses gave everybody the chance to remember Argentina that always starts with great pomp but in the end finishes second at best. It turned out that the team of Mighty Sounds has the best football skills & the kingpin in the team - Frankie!

The newcomers from the Czech Death Fest, who (lead by the Captain Dan) were just slightly better than the squad of Brutal Assault, finished third. The latter paid dearly for the missed scoring chances of their attacker in particular who had jumped in right after his arrival from Libchava's Nice To Eat You deathfest and who was throwing away his chances shamefully.

Look forward to the next volume! We will prepare a few new innovations and improvements to make the tournament even more exciting and attractive for you.

The main thing - we can surely guarantee you the beauty of football from handsome and sporty players as every year!


Brutal Assault Obscuros - Obscene Extreme Grinders 2:3 (Tom Karlík, Kafe - El Čurby jr., Kamča, Skoři)

Mighty Sounds Rebels - Czech Death Fest 2:0 (Martin Hrych, Petr Koutský)

Brutal Assault Obscuros - Mighty Sounds Rebels 0:3 (3x Frankie)

Obscene Extreme Grinders - Czech Death Fest 3:2 (El Čurby jr., own goal, El Čurby - 2x Dan Pavlík)

Bronze medal game:

Brutal Assault Obscuros - Czech Death Fest 1:3 (Lukáš Hron - 2x Štěpán Vacek, Dan Pavlík)

Following an agreement of both the teams there was a fierce fight for the third place that ended 4:3 in favour of the guys from the Czech Death fest.


Obscene Extreme Grinders - Mighty Sounds Rebels 1:5 (El Čurby - Bárt, Miroslav Majer, 3x Frankie)

Final standings of the tournament:

1. Mighty Sounds Rebels
2. Obscene Extreme Grinders
3. Czech Death Fest
4. Brutal Assault Obscuros