NAPALM DEATH!!! Do you need to know anything else???

"NAPALM DEATH!!! Yes, the only possible headliner of our anniversary festival!!! The band that have personally influenced me in an incredible way and I am extremely glad to this day the immortal albums "Scum" and "From Enslavement …"

...happened to come my way being still a greenhorn at that time! It was and will be a cult forever!!!

That unreal energy, that passion, that fascinating tempo ... Even after so many years (and listenings) one would still break his head by a massive banging to the beat!!!

This band just means a lot to me. The boys have my endless respect for keeping it up for an unbelievable 37 years. Though I can say there were times and records that did not smell as sweet as the above-mentioned milestones to me but maybe that is why I appreciate them even more. Always they did what they considered right and what they just wanted which reminds me a lot of my or perhaps our OEF story.

Naturally, I never dreamed even in my wildest dreams that I would regard these guys as good friends, go to visit them with the whole family for vacation and look forward to every meeting ... I do not believe they will ever be out of breath as when I saw two concerts during their latest Czechoslovak tour couple of weeks ago it was an unreal stream of pure energy and maybe even some of the best NAPALM DEATHs concerts I have ever seen!!!

Yes, I love NAPALM DEATH and I always will. And this year I will definitely stage dive during their concert and enjoy this concert totally!