Genital (or genial) pain from South Africa, VULVODYNIA is coming!!!

VULVODYNIA ... the nightmare of every woman .. or also one of the most vigorous brutal death metal bands of today. Choose what you would like to have the honour of meeting. If the latter one, do not miss the performance of this pack from South Africa at this year's OEF!

There will be torture, there will be dissection but the main thing is the raw tracks from their latest album "Psychosadistic Design" will be thrown into the crowd and you will have to bang your head slowly with a smirk.

They have been around in the scene for four years only but the base of their devoted fans has been growing thanks to their tireless gigging and travelling around the world. The South Africans actually feel almost at home in the Czech lands but have never before come to visit Trutnov's boards!!!